New way of Dipping Corals!

Bringing home a coral can be very exciting but can also bring in unwanted hitchhikers into your tank. These hitchhikers will eventually grow and destroy your precious reef tank.

Much of the risk can be prevented using coral dips. Eliminating Flatworms, Nudibrachs and Coral-Eating Snails should be the main priority before introducing the new coral you just brought home. The traditional way of dipping coral using tupperware and swirling it around may not be enough.

The effectiveness of swirling around the coral in a tupperware will not always detach all unwanted pest still stuck in small crevices found on the surfaces of the coral. Using the Coral Typhoon Dipping Tank however will “shower” the coral thoroughly removing any unwanted pest stuck on the coral. With multiple spray heads in all direction spraying down the corals, the results are infinitely better than doing it by hand.

Take a look below to see how well it works!


Here is a video of Hernan's personal Reef Tank using Coral Typhoon Dipping Tank